Kimberly Fray

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We are all in different seasons of our lives. It might not be the season you want to be in but right now, it is your season.

It’s the one you need.

Winter doesn’t shy away after the warm months have gone when it’s her turn to wrap us in a cold cocoon.

Autumn doesn’t become sad when the leaves turn from green to yellow to brown.

Spring patiently waits her turn to release her cherry blossoms after months of being in hiding.

This is your time to grow, to plant seeds for the next season.

To sow and to harvest.

You cannot skip it or avoid it.

You can’t get to the next season without getting through your current season.

There is a time for everything.

You cannot watch others bloom when it is their time and be upset because the same thing is not happening to you at that very moment.

Nothing in nature works that way; no flower keeps watch over another flower.

It simply blooms.

When its time has come, its petals fall to the ground and it does so with grace and elegance.

Its petals do not force their way back onto the stem.

Bloom when it is your time.

A flower grows where it is planted, where it is born, between weeds or between concrete.

It makes its surroundings beautiful.

Make your surroundings beautiful.

You have a purpose now, right where you are. No matter the season.

Whether your current season is five days, ten weeks, or 15 years, you need to submit and commit yourself to it.

If you believe God placed you here, know that it was with a purpose in mind.

Everything happens for a reason.

The hard part is being patient.

Kimberly Fray

Kimberly is a writer, blogger and poet. She is married to musician Jared Fray and they live in Johannesburg, South Africa with their two children.
Kimberly has had several of her poems published in poetry journals and also works as a news producer.

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Many of us have felt the pressure to achieve goals and resolutions in the new year. Many of us (myself included) haven’t done many goal-orientated things since the start of the year. Today I want to remind you that you can start now, where you and with what you have.

Your goals don’t have to be visible to the world. You are not in competition with anyone.

We’ve all heard the saying, “You are not in competition with anyone but yourself” . However, I think we need to do away with that idea and adopt a new narrative. When you compete, you are ultimately trying to win at something.

When we compete with ourselves, we forget to see what we’ve already achieved and how far we have come. We are only focused on what we don’t have and how far we still have to go.

You are allowed to appreciate your progress.

You don’t have to compare yourself to who you were yesterday.

Love the person that you were yesterday. That person contributed to who you are today and will add to who you will be tomorrow. Don’t compete with yourself.

Use all of who you are to finish your race.