violence against women, domestic, abuse



Tears cocoon fear
in the eyes of our girls
who were raised to conform
to the double standards set
who stalk the streets we walk
while chanting prayers
to reach home safely
It is time to undress
the targets from our bodies
we are not wounds
begging for attention
we are women
who demand the luxury
that safety has become
seeking justice for our sisters
who turned into statistics
The revolution we require
will not arise from complacency
it is time to raise our voices
and end the silence
it is time to stop
gender-based violence

clock, alarm, alarm clock


The warrior bleeds
in every woman who fought
and cried and died beneath an armour
of battle scars after begging
for the basic human rights
she was denied
Carrying strength like a weapon
she faced oppression
injustice and men
without a moral compass
until her sword became the honour
they could not steal
Why are we quiet
when our warriors are bleeding
enough is enough
there must be a peak
in our silence
I stand together with
the women who fought
and the women who cried
the women who begged
and the women who died

eye, tear, cry


Ekta Somera is the author of Made in Poetry, a collection of poetry and prose. She is a part-time criminology major and a full-time visionary leader. From writing and reviewing books to hosting a radio show and making a difference, she fulfils her passion to inspire young people through various youth initiatives and community service.

Ekta lives by the words of Martin Luther King Jr. “If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.”
Hardcopies of Made in Poetry are available in South Africa, WhatsApp 067 909 1057 to order a copy at R280 with delivery.

Ekta with her book, “Made In Poetry”

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TWITTER: @madeinpoetry

INSTAGRAM: @ektasomera

Ekta’s poetry anthology

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