everything beautiful


Everything beautiful is what I desire
Walking on the beach, shoes in hand
A sunset or sunrise peeking over the horizon
Rainy days in a warm library
I smell old and lovely books before I even turn their pages
Long walks with no destination but everywhere to explore
Fields of wildflowers, long stretches of open land
And the purest of air I can breath
I desire to get away from the hustle and bustle
The concrete jungle, if you will
I want to create snow angels and see thousands of stars
Shine back at me as I lay on fresh-cut grass
The life I desire is simple
Close but somehow still out of reach
It is everything beautiful
Mountainous views that seem as if they reach right up to heaven
It is almost like it is God’s footstool
Everything Beautiful
Everything that brings peace, serenity, love and joy
That is what my heart desires.

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