Her beauty


Her eyes shine like diamonds,
even when filled with tears.
Her smile rivals the sun,
even when upside down.
Her voice blends in with the birds in the
morning, even when it cracks.
Her walk turns everyone’s heads,
even when her energy is low.
Her hands provide the softest of touches,
even when they are trembling.
Her aura is full of love and positivity,
even when surrounded by hate.
Her personality is always bubbly,
even when the room has gone flat.
Her love is similar to the comfort of the softest pillow,
even when sharp and deadly.
Her mind is as powerful as a computer,
even when it breaks down.
Her soul speaks louder than her words,
even when it is hidden.
Her heart is caring and loving,
even when it is broken.
Her heart is sensitive and vulnerable,
even when it is locked behind barriers.

She is beautiful,
even when she doesn’t truly see it.

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